Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

IX 53-56

About this stand: I do not say when or how,

but when it is completed, the Service will be done.

The stand, the Kanrodai, is the parent of origin. When the parent of origin is clearly known by returning the mind to its origin, then and only then can it be said that the Kanrodai is set up, that is to say that the stand is completed. From this we can understand that the sincere performance of the service is the act of returning or preparing to return the mind to its origin. Though those actions are graphically modeled so that we can more easily follow the path of return, we are here reminded that the model is not the same as the truth that the model indicates. And that the "when or how" of setting up the Kanrodai is entirely dependent upon the when or how of returning our mind to its origin and in so doing  reuniting with the parent of origin. That is the act of melting back into the parental heart and becoming single-hearted with the origin and truth of any and everything, that is the totality of all, Moonsun. 

If only this Service is begun,

nothing will remain that cannot be realized.

In the world, the realization of any and everything depends upon the causality (innen) that yields that realization. The sincere performance of the Service that returns the mind to its origin is the causality that yields the realization of that return as single-hearted salvation. Beginning that service is the beginning of that realization. 

Watch! Moonsun will surely bestow the gift,

the Food of Heaven, without fail.

This is an extremely bold promise; it is promised the sincere performance of the service will, "without fail" yield the "the gift, the food of heaven" as the joyous life that flows from clearly knowing the truth of origin, the parent of origin, the Kanrodai. Compare this promise with what is called the scientific method.  

In whatever matters, unless there is clear proof of the truth,

it should remain questionable.

This "clear proof of the truth" is manifest as the knowing the origin, the parent of origin clearly. Without out that "proof of the truth" the teaching, in the words of the teacher, will "remain questionable". We have often spoken of this unfortunate situation, as it takes the shape of misunderstanding and lack of understanding of the teaching or as a path or rumors or even denial.