Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

A few words of introduction for the following theme may be in order. Recalling that it was and still is the case that there never be a worldly common meaning intended in these poems. It was clearly the case that Moonsun was engaged in a dialogue with the worldly common expectations and preconceptions of the sincere minds of the earliest followers and we are told that in general there was no understanding of Moonsun’s true intention. Readers today are free of many of the expectations and preconceptions of the average villager at the time and so, fortunately for us, we can overcome that misunderstanding much more freely. 

IX: 5-8

I desire that the two persons received as shrines by Moonsun

Each be given a separate room.

 Traditionally this refers to Oyasama’s request that separate rooms be prepared for the two persons received as shrines by Moonsun, Moonsun, as a proof that Oyasama did not have a human mind. I believe that the two persons referred to were Oyasama and Her daughter Kokan. 

Let’s take a moment and look at the implications of this verse. To be received as a shrine of Moonsun is to be single-hearted with Moonsun. Single-heartedness with Moonsun is the return of the self-centered imagination (the human mind) to its origin or original condition. This return to the origin is accomplished through the mind like clear water, that is the mind that is totally purified, the mind wherein all self-centered thoughts have been settled, removed or replaced. 

Now, I am aware of at least two interpretations of this verse. The first takes the point of view that separating Kokan from Oyasama and speaking through Kokan, Moonsun demonstrated a proof that Oyasama did not have a human mind. The second interpretation doesn’t vary from the first interpretation but goes into a little more detail about the implications of such a proof. The second interpretation then, takes the point of view that Moonsun’s intention is that each and every person carefully follow Oyasama’s model of returning to the origin, becoming single-hearted with Moonsun and awakening to the acceptance of being taken as a shrine by Moonsun and the single-hearted salvation that flows from that condition. This of course is accomplished through the totally sincere and purified mind like clear water. Single-heartedness with Moonsun is then the proof beyond any doubt that Oyasama did not and does not have a human mind (self-centered imagination). 

Then, in whatever you pray, your salvation will be assured.

Watch closely! 

Any one interested in this result would do well to quickly and accurately follow Oyasama’s model of single-hearted salvation.

 This is the basis by which any salvation

will be assured hereafter. 

That Oyasama has shown us a model of single-hearted salvation that each of us can faithfully follow and in so doing awaken to single-heartedness with the origin, through the mind like clear water, is the basis of single-hearted salvation and is the assurance of any and every salvation in any time and any place. 

Do not disregard anything I say.

Listen closely and comply with it, please. 

If we view this verse as only pertaining to the provision of a separate room for Kokan then this verse and this theme has really nothing much to do with us now in our current situation. If however we view this verse and this theme as a hastening for each of us to prove the truth of single-hearted salvation right now through our own mind then our reading of this verse marks a crucial moment in our pursuit of the path of single-hearted salvation. Moonsun is beckoning and desires to show us the proof right now. Pondering deeply the truth that the whole universe is the body of God; be aware of what it is in our own mind that denies that truth? Watch, listen closely, settle or look right through that denial. Savor the truth of origin.