Taking the Shinbashira Seriously

Young people often worry about falling behind the times, but what is termed "current of the times" originates from the mere ideas of a few people. What about that which originates from your own conviction? If you young people of the path are prepared to become a  creative force capable of shaping the times, I want you to show other new expressions of your conviction based on the spirit of Tenrikyo. I want you to show others a new face of Tenrikyo that is appropriate for the times. Even if you regard yourselves as shaping the new age, however, you might still end up being swept along by the products of common, worldly reason if you consider these to be central to the spirit of the times.

MHFY, June 29, 1952 - The 2nd. Shinbashira

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 The request for young people "to show others a new face of Tenrikyo that is appropriate for the times" is as vital today as it was in 1952 when the 2nd Shinbashira first made it. It is also totally in keeping with the Model of Parental Love and spirit of Tenrikyo. It is of course exactly what Oyasama did as She first opened a narrow path of single-hearted salvation first for the Nakayama family gradually extending it to the other villagers and finally stepping out to save the entire world in ways appropriate for the time, place and level of spiritual maturity.

How then is this to be done?

As the 2nd Shinbashira points out, the trick is in not having one's own imagination  tumble off in pursuit of whatever worldly common trends and goals are competing for the attention of the self-centered imagination. It is a big challenge but if we could unite our minds in the truth of origin we could do it.