Timely Directive, January 13, 1890

Sah, sah, on your request. You request permission to examine them. However, in examining them, teach them. Teach teach them what they do not understand. You have said, we are busy, we are busy, and have allowed them to remain ignorant. The complete truth consists of little things. There are some who are able to practice tanno after a little guidance. It is difficult, but important, that you guide each one in the path of faith according to his understanding. There are some who put away what they have received and do not use it. There are some whose minds are one with truth even before they receive the sazuke. There are some who receive it believing it to be the source of their happiness for a lifetime. There are some who receive it because they have already conveyed My will to others. There are some who receive it and say it is over. There are some on whom I will bestow the sazuke in the span of a single night, because they live in accord with My will, even if they do not understand the value of the sazuke. There are some who have lived the life of faith for three years, five years, wishing to receive the sazuke. There are some who are melancholy and gloomy, even after having received it. There are some who seek the treasure of the mind and yet pursue the ways of the world. I pity them. You will not know when I shall bestow the sazuke on them.