Timely Directive July, 7 1890

Sah, sah, this body, this body. When you find afflictions of the body, when you find the, you request directions quickly. You must understand well the things you ask each day. Sah, sah, you need only ask and I shall tell you everything. It will not do to think that the directions are just for this instance alone. It will not do to think seriously only when his body is afflicted and he suffers. I have spoken of the sazuke, the sazuke. There are some kinds which I have bestowed on many. However, I have bestowed the same truth.  They are all the same. There is no light or heavy with the truth of the sazuke. I say to you, sah, take it, after you have attended the order of besseki step by step. But you do not its value. Even with an expensive instrument, if your mind does not value it, its is of no use. Understand the sazuke well.  You attend the lecture of each day. When you have completed the lectures, I bestow the sazuke on you.  At the time you receive it, there is truth in your mind and a determination to continue to follow god's will. It is this mind on which I bestow the sazuke! But with the passing of time, the preciousness of truth is forgotten. How regretful! Yet do I bestow the truth for the salvation of mankind, not discriminating between those who should and those who should not receive it. I bestow it even to those who would forget its preciousness as soon as they have received it. I bestow it on them because they have a mind of sincerity, even if it is temporary, and return to My side wishing to receive it. Therefore, while they are still in progress in the order of the besseki, you must discern them for Me. You must separate those who are making progress of mind from those who are not. When you see with your own eyes one who is not, you must remove him from the order of besseki and teach him so that he will understand. If one member makes a mistake, our whole family will have to shoulder the blame. I have told you this, and it is on your mind, but you let the matter slip by, unseeing and unhearing. You must make efforts to teach them. A model of sobering circumstance may be shown to you. Yet you will not know when or where it will be presented. What is to be or not to be, what is to be shown or not shown...even while you are listening to Me now, something may suddenly happen; none of this do you know. Listen carefully! You will be shown truth in the instant of a breath. If you hear something concerning the family of the faithful, quickly make them understand. In this world, one cannot know what will happen the following day. God's teachings have already spread quite widely. But you are not yet one. This place and that place are in discord. Furthermore, if you do nothing until something happens, you will tire yourselves, wondering whether to do this or that, losing sight of truth. You must make an effort the instant you hear and see the first sign. I have already explained this to you repeatedly. But your minds of serious intent become relaxed as the days pass. I must tell you repeatedly. What I have said means none other than the following: the state of  mind of man gives birth to the state of the world. The state of man, the truth of the mind of man, becomes the state of the world. You cannot find joy in this state. Therefore I teach.